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ThermaSkirt Products (ThermaSkirt prices vary depending on profile and colour/finish)

 How to choose your parts?

A ThermaSkirt system requires the following:

Simply piece it together - No specialist tools required

Necessary Parts

ThermaSkirt heated profile panels

ThermaSkirt heated profile panels – all profiles are available in 1~6m lengths or made-to-measure, and supplied with the appropriate number of fixing brackets, removable top caulking gasket and detachable bottom cable cover.

Please note, ThermaSkirt is the pipe, so no extra pipes need to be inserted inside it.

Feed & return set

Feed & Return set – this can be either the ‘onboard’ manual TRV, (Thermostatic Radiator Valve as on a standard radiator) or the Oval to 15mm round connectors if connecting to a remote valve or manifold flow control system.

More than one Feed or return set may be required if a single run is more than 20metres in length depending on room complexity.

For Manifolds and digital Thermostats, please see; Manifold Systems

Corners & Joints

Corners & Joints – At each corner, internal or external there is an oval connector kit, and a suitable cover to hide the joint.

There are flexible connectors available to cater for non standard angles, or to make connections to other sections of ThermaSkirt of a different size.

Optional additional parts include;

Doorways & Obstructions

Doorways & Obstructions - There are a variety of solutions for bridging doorways, either under, over, or across and obstructions such as fireplaces and openings to enable a single feed & return set to be utilised.

MDF Skirting

MDF Skirting – for a seamless look, all ThermaSkirt profiles can be provided in a matching MDF profile, primed ready to paint for unheated sections or areas.

Manifold Systems

Manifold Systems – if you prefer not to have a mechanical control knob on the skirting, you will need to order manifold & flow controls from this section. Valves and controls are electrically or electronically driven and will usually require additional wiring and space to hide the kit, such as an airing cupboard or ceiling void.

Spare Parts include;

Associated Products

Associated Products – Additional spares and parts are available to order. Please note a spares kit containing additional mounting brackets and deburring tool as well as other parts and a corrosion inhibitor is automatically added to your basket, which you can remove if not required.

Training Days & professional tools

Training Days & Professional Tools – Did you know we do on-site training days? Essential if you want to be a registered installer and ideal if you are fitting ThermaSkirt for the 1st time; training can speed up the job and save money in the long run. A complete range of professional tools and point of sale materials can also be found here for distributors.

1) Choose Product Type

{Ideal for Domestic & Light Commercial Applications}
Urban LT
Classic TS
Deco PR
Regency OG
{Ideal for NHS, Healthcare, Schools
             & Commercial Applications}
Easy Clean
Easy Clean†
Deco BM
Solar Panels
& Spares


ThermaSkirt Urban LT 6''/150 mm : Cricket White

* Super slim 20mm profiles up to 6 metres (19' 8")
  long matches typical skirting dimensions
* Classic ‘Lambs Tongue’ Profile
* 150mm/6'' high profile
* Hidden rear fixing
* Removable/Trimmable Cable Cover/bottom trim
* 7 Colours & finishes
(Click on the image to Enlarge)

2) Choose Category


Room Kits

Feed &
Return Sets

Corners &

Doorways & Obstructions

for Skirting in ThermaSkirt Urban LT 6''/150 mm : Cricket White

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ThermaSkirt - A Discrete Heat Product

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