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Let us help you improve the aesthetics, space and energy performance of your home by fitting "ThermaSkirt – The Worlds Smartest Heating System"

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Low Rate Finance now available for ThermaSkirt and ThermTwin systems

National Heat Pump Awards Winner 2012


Thermaskirt fully complies with BS-EN 442
  • Works with heat pumps, solar thermal & bio mass
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low water content to maximise C.o.P
  • Rapid response, saving energy

RHI & Green Deal

 Green Deal Advisory Documents

Stop Press:

ThermaSkirt (Radiant Heating) qualifies for inclusion in Green Deal ECO programme. Please refer to pages 10 & 12 of the DECC Guidelines "Which Energy Efficiency Improvements Qualify for Green Deal Finance" (download link below) for more information.

Download a copy here

NEW! ThermaTwin - Let the sun do all the work

Why not download the ThermaTwin brochure - DiscreteHeats unique solar thermal panel designed for simple retro-fit?

ThermaSkirt, Green Deal & RHI

  • Compatible with renewables such as air & ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal systems
  • ThermaSkirt is listed in Green Deal Measures (Radiant Heating)
  • Simple to fit even in retrofit applications – fitted in several 'Retrofit for the Future' projects
  • Often uses existing radiator pipework
  • Minimal disturbance to the property
  • High & low flow temperature capability for hard-to-heat properties with conventional boiler back up
  • Thermostatic controls eligible for 5% VAT supplied/installed

DiscreteHeat Win Innovative Product of the Year, for ‘ThermaSkirt’

From L-R: Ben Freeman from category sponsors Corrigan Bentley, DiscreteHeat’s Ethan Wadsworth (Midlands Area Manager) & Martin Wadsworth (Managing Director), Jeremy Vine - Host and BBC Presenter

DiscreteHeat’s ThermaSkirt wins
"Most Innovative Product of the Year" Award

Despite stiff competition from some of the biggest names in the industry, NW based manufacturers DiscreteHeat from Atherton swept them aside at the National Heat Pump awards (held at the ICC Birmingham) to scoop the Most Innovative Product award for its revolutionary heating product ThermaSkirt.

Judges' remarks: "ThermaSkirt represents a new application of skirting board radiators, providing an ideal retrofit solution for properties where wall space is at a premium."

DiscreteHeat Win Innovative Product of the Year, for ‘ThermaSkirt’ DiscreteHeat Win Innovative Product of the Year, for ‘ThermaSkirt’

DiscreteHeat’s ThermaSkirt product combines the heating into a skirting board radiant panel which provides an innovative and cost effective alternative to radiators and under floor heating.

The Judges recognised that the installation of renewable technologies such as heat pumps (and solar) requires heating systems like ThermaSkirt to work at lower flow temperatures to maximise efficiencies, whilst they have be simple to install in existing properties if the market is going to reach its full potential.

ThermaSkirt provides the ideal solution to the problem of fitting oversized emitters with minimal disruption and upheaval to ensure that technologies such as heat pumps are more widely adopted.

 Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – What is it?

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – What is it?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI for short) is the Government program that encourages the introduction of renewable energy technologies into existing domestic, social and commercial sectors. The Government is seeking to achieve 15% of the UK’s heating requirements to come from renewable technologies by 2020, and has earmarked £850 million in grants and Feed in Tariffs (FIT’s) to achieve it.

Clean Energy Cash-Back

"Clean Energy Cash-Back" (otherwise known as the Renewable Heat Incentive) encourages individuals, communities and others, to bring forward the introduction of renewable energy, by providing a financial incentive to switch from using fossil fuels for electricity and heat, to renewable technologies.

The final Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) details will be released in summer 2013 and schemes for payment will be formally launched in spring 2014. In addition installations completed after 15th July 2009, but before the start of the RHI, will also be allowed to benefit from the scheme, as if they had been installed on the date of its introduction.

What are the Feed In Tariffs (FITs) for Heating Appliances?

FIT’s are payments made as part of the RHI scheme, which will be claimed by, and paid to, the owner of the equipment. The Installer will need to be certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), in order to ensure quality assurance and consumer protection. Payments will be paid over a number of years; annually for installations below 45 KW and quarterly for those above this level.

Are there Energy Efficiency Grants for Heat Emitters such as ThermaSkirt

ThermaSkirt complies with requirements of the Green Deal, and is covered by the list of qualifying improvements’ on Page 10 & 12 of the DECC document "Which Energy Efficiency Improvements Qualify for Green Deal Finance" as 'radiant heating'.

Currently there are no separate grants for any room emitters by themselves (including radiators and underfloor heating) as any energy savings are deemed to be created by the heat source (such as heat pump, biomass or solar thermal). Low temperature emitters such as oversized radiators or under floor permit the best efficiencies of the heat source, but in terms of practicality and ease of installation ThermaSkirt is the best solution for the installation of renewable heat sources into existing buildings, hence the recent win at the National Heat Pump Awards.

ThermaSkirt is also featured in the forthcoming Design Guide for Low Temperature Domestic Heating Systems which will be published by the BRE on behalf of DECC. Radiant heating systems such as ThermaSkirt are listed on page 12 of the DECC documents.

 Renewable Heat Incentive - Tariff Levels

The Tariff levels of the RHI scheme have been calculated to bridge the financial gap between the cost of conventional (fossil) and renewable heating systems of all scales. There is further compensation for certain technologies for an element of the non financial cost (e.g. the inconvenience of digging up a garden to install a ground source heat pump). Tariff levels have been proposed to provide a rate of return of 12% on the additional capital cost of many of the renewable systems, with a lower rate of return of 6% given to solar thermal.

Feed-In Tariffs Table

Technology Scale Proposed Tariff
Pence Kw/hr
Deemed or Metered Length of Tariff Years
Small Installations
Solid Biomass<45kw9Deemed15
Ground Source Heat Pumps<45kw7Deemed23
Air Source Heat Pumps<45kw7.5Deemed18
Solar Thermal<20kw18Deemed20
Medium Installations
Solid Biomass45~500kw6.5Deemed15
Ground Source Heat Pumps45~350kw5.5Deemed20
Air Source Heat Pumps45~350kw2Deemed20
Solar Thermal20~100kw17Deemed20
Large Installations
Solid Biomass>500kw1.6~2.5Metered15
Ground Source Heat Pumps>500kw1.5Metered20
 How ThermaSkirt CAN Help YOU Deliver the GREEN DEAL Read More...

How ThermaSkirt CAN Help YOU Deliver the GREEN DEAL

ThermaSkirt is compatible in new builds or retrofits using air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps or solar panels

  • Simple 'above ground' installation - minimal disturbance on retro-fit and new-build
  • Low & high temperature capability - renewables and conventional boiler capability
  • Proven energy efficiency - Independently tested by BSRIA (#51397/1)
  • Standard 15mm pipe feed & returns - can use existing 1st fix pipework
  • Cost effective – ThermaSkirt replaces skirting boards and radiators in one
  • Works with any floor construction or finish - even timber & carpets
  • UFH levels of comfort - all around even heat and no drafts or hot spots
  • Radiator response times & low water content - maximises CoP of renewables
  • Frees up wall space – ThermaSkirt adds value and versatility to a property
  • Future proof - ready for renewables and improves conventional boiler efficiency
  • Hygienic heat - easy to clean & no airborne particles to spread infections
  • Built in 'cable duct' - caters for uneven floors and hides computer & AV cables
  • Health & Safety - No sharp edges or exposed pipework to aggravate a fall or injury
  • Proven Technology - Over 10,000 ThermaSkirt systems installed worldwide

How ThermaSkirt CAN Help YOU Deliver the GREEN DEAL

 How Can ThermaSkirt help me with my RHI project? Read More...

Installing renewables such as ground source and air source heat pumps and solar thermal systems is only half the story. Renewables work best when the properties are well insulated and the room heating system can operate at lower temperatures. Lower operating temperatures allow renewables like heat pumps and solar thermal systems to achieve a greater Coefficient of Performance (CoP). Higher operating temperatures reduce the renewable systems CoP and thus efficiency, and may require an electric immersion heater back up – eliminating any energy or CO2 savings.

Lower operating temperatures require greater surface areas and better heat distribution. Underfloor heating is often promoted as the most suitable room heating system, but this would require major disruption to an existing property and is practically impossible to install efficiently under timber or carpet floor coverings.

Oversized radiators are often specified, but these can be up to double the size of the high temperature radiator they are replacing, and take up more wall space. Fan assisted radiators tend to spread dust and allergens, but even these cannot evenly heat the room as they create cold & hot spots.

 Why is ThermaSkirt Ideal for the RHI program?

ThermaSkirt can be easily installed into existing buildings as it is above ground and can often use the existing pipework and plumbing. Being above ground means no disturbance to the floors and ensures consistent performance regardless of whether there is carpet, timber, laminate or tiles fitted.

Advantages to the Home Owner

  • Simple installation with minimal disruption
  • Often uses existing pipework which reduces time and cost
  • Even heat distribution - no hot or cold spots
  • Very little air movements – no dust or allergens are spread around the room
  • Clean and silent in operation
  • New skirting boards – for ‘free’

Advantages to the RHI Installer

  • Encourages take up – minimal disruption means more “yes’s”
  • Reduced liability – little structural work required
  • Speed and efficiency – can often use existing pipework
  • Simple push fit – no specialised tools required
  • Warranty – 10 years manufacturers warranty on all ‘wet’ parts
  • Serviceable – Being above ground any issues are easily rectifiable

Feed-In Tariffs Table

Technology Scale Proposed Tariff
Pence Kw/hr
Deemed or Metered Length of Tariff Years
Small Installations
Solid Biomass<45kw9Deemed15
Ground Source Heat Pumps<45kw7Deemed23
Air Source Heat Pumps<45kw7.5Deemed18
Solar Thermal<20kw18Deemed20
Medium Installations
Solid Biomass45~500kw6.5Deemed15
Ground Source Heat Pumps45~350kw5.5Deemed20
Air Source Heat Pumps45~350kw2Deemed20
Solar Thermal20~100kw17Deemed20
Large Installations
Solid Biomass>500kw1.6~2.5Metered15
Ground Source Heat Pumps>500kw1.5Metered20
 Radiant heating now covered in PAS 2030:2012!

PAS 2030:2012 (Publicly Available Specification) is a document which suggests the best practice for installing, managing and providing EEM’s (energy efficiency measures) in existing buildings.

The DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) will use the document in order to set the requirements for energy efficiency measures installation under the Green Deal.

The document has recently been revised to reflect changes that have been made to the Green Deal Code of Practice and now includes a further 12 permissible energy efficiency measures in the form of new annexes or via changes made to existing annexes. These measures now include radiant heating, meaning you can now benefit from having ThermaSkirt installed! A further 26 measures currently exist; covering heating, insulation and glazing.

The new measures include:

  • Water efficient taps and showers (hot water only)
  • Hot water systems and controls
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning controls (including zoning controls)
  • Chillers
  • * Radiant heating
  • Variable speed drives for fans and pumps
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Electric warm air heating
  • Ducting and pipework improvements
  • Solar blinds, shutters and shading devices
  • Lighting systems, fittings and controls

* ThermaSkirt is a true radiant panel that is up to five times more effective at radiating heat than steel.

Thermaskirt is a product from:

ThermaSkirt - A Discrete Heat Product

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