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Let us help you improve the aesthetics, space and energy performance of your home by fitting "ThermaSkirt – The Worlds Smartest Heating System"

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Low Rate Finance now available for ThermaSkirt and ThermTwin systems

National Heat Pump Awards Winner 2012


Thermaskirt fully complies with BS-EN 442
  • Easy to clean, maintenance free
  • More useable space
  • Even comfortable heat
  • Improved health & safety - no trip, fall or impact hazards
  • Versatile room layout
  • Hide your speaker and data cables

Schools, Colleges & Nurseries Hygienic heat, energy efficient, safe and secure

Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
Schools, Colleges & Nursery
  • Simple 'above ground' Installation - new build or retrofit
  • Proven Energy Efficiency – ThermaSkirt has been independently tested by BSRIA
  • Rapid Response Times – On or Off in minutes to cater for class size and uses
  • Future Proof – works with conventional heat sources as well as renewables
  • Even, comfortable heat – no cold corners or hot spots
  • Health & Safety – no obtrusive edges or pipework to cause falls or injury
  • Healthy Heat – No drafts to spread dust and allergens
  • Easy to clean – simple wipe down when mopping
  • No grilles, fi ns or slots – to harbour infections and communicable diseases
  • Frees up wall space – Flexible room layouts to suit any furniture or uses
  • Built in cable duct – AV & Data cables routed safely
 How does ThermaSkirt directly benefit Schools, Colleges and Nurseries? Read More...

How does ThermaSkirt® directly benefit Schools?

ThermaSkirt replaces the LST radiators and skirting board trim in one. It has proven to be at least 13% more energy efficient than radiators and deliver comfort levels indistinguishable from UFH (Under Floor heating.)

As ThermaSkirt is a completely sealed radiant unit it does not have any grilles, gaps or exposed pipe work. This means that it does not collect dust and grime that harbour infectious spores and bacteria and does not present a tripping hazard or risk of impact injury in a fall – a common occurrence in a vibrant school environment.

Radiant heat does not create convection currents that would otherwise circulate dust and other particles that can aggravate respiratory afflictions and spread infection in schools.

ThermaSkirt can heat a classroom in minutes from cold and more importantly cool down quickly when required; an essential feature if a comfortable classroom is to be maintained with a fluctuating class size.

ThermaSkirt has recently been installed in several schools, nurseries and colleges, both refurbishments & new-build. ThermaSkirt can be connected onto conventional existing pipework, whether overhead or in the wall or floor. Replacing old and inefficient radiators with ThermaSkirt reduces running costs and increases comfort levels for students.

 Advantages of using ThermaSkirt

Advantages of using ThermaSkirt®

  • Rapid Response Times – No overheating or underheating, whatever the class size or use.
  • Energy efficient radiant heat – ThermaSkirt is indistinguishable from UFH.
  • Easy to clean – simple wipe down when mopping the floors.
  • No grilles, fins or slots – to harbour infections and spread communicable diseases.
  • Frees up wall space – Flexible room layouts to suit any classroom layout.
  • Built in cable duct – AV & Data cables routed safely.
  • Future Proof – Classroom re-layout and room changes possible.
  • Any floor construction or finish – timber structures, carpet or timber floors do not affect performance.
  • Fixable and adaptable – No long term warranty issues or repair worries.
  • Conventional Boilers or Renewables – Retrofit for the future.
  • Air Induction Units available – through wall inlets to maintain ideal Oxygen levels.
  • SafeHeatTM Controls – Surface Temperature Controls for sensitive applications.

Thermaskirt is a product from:

ThermaSkirt - A Discrete Heat Product

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